​For organizations without IT management skills, independent IT consultants can be valuable allies who help identify needs, find potential service providers, advise on provider selection, and help plan and manage projects.

Smaller businesses without skilled IT management can bring this expertise in-house temporarily for specific projects by hiring independent consultants.


"The first part to fixing any problem, is realizing there is a problem."

A Site Assessment consists of a full diagnostic review of your entire computer infrastructure, coupled with a one-on-one business interview to learn about your organization. Only in this way can it be determined how well your technology is supporting your business goals.

Armed with the results of our diagnostics, we provide a full report, set of options, and our recommendations.


​Not a contracted client? No problem. Our remote and on-site technicians are available to whomever needs us. We bill hourly, calculated on a per-minute basis.

We pride ourselves in Enterprise quality, while boasting some of the lowest rates in the industry. Our certified professional technicians are ready to make you smile again.

Technical Support Services


When it comes to IT projects, it takes vast knowledge, careful planning, and the ability to consider all aspects of the business.

In-house staff are often lacking in breadth of experience; something that can be crucial for a project's overall success. Moreover, your staff are busy, and sometimes cannot devote the time needed to get the job done quickly.

We have been successfully planning, implementing, and managing numerous IT projects for over 20 years. From nation-wide projects leading various teams, to full office moves, to system migrations, let us ensure that your next IT project is a success

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