The confidentiality and protection of your data is paramount to your viability and success as an organization.

Our layered security services will provide you with the enterprise-class security protection you need to ensure the ongoing safety of your computers and network.



When you have a Managed Services Provider, much can be automated that once required manual intervention.

Measure how much you can save in IT costs, with the help of an IT Provider.

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Cell Phone Security
Cybersecurity Disaster Recovery
Computer Health Monitoring

Managed IT Services


Like any machine, your IT equipment needs routine maintenance to allow you to do your best work.

There are a number of frequent, mundane and time-consuming tasks that should be performed on a regular basis, soaking up so much of your team's time and resources that could otherwise be spent dealing with more pressing issues.

Our routine maintenance packages are customized around your work schedules, running during your non-business hours so that your computer is at its best, when you need it most.

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Computer Maintenance
Caltec Solutions Managed IT Services and Sales


Caltec SkyView© RMM is a comprehensive suite of best-in-class IT services that empower us to proactively manage, monitor, and secure your computers and network.

SkyView is designed for exceptional security and data-driven insights, with features that range from antivirus and web protection to remote support and risk intelligence. Custom reporting gives you the insight you need to plan more effectively and make proactive decisions. 

A host of other features team up to provide you with exceptional IT service, while delivering powerful business benefits.


In addition to your servers, workstations and laptops, you can now centrally manage your entire fleet of mobile devices.

Caltec Mobile Device Management offers the ability to monitor and secure mobile devices and tablets, bringing them all under your control.

MDM supports both iOS and Android devices.