Caltec Managed Antivirus - Mail Edition utilizes the power of the cloud to protect your domain from spam and virus threats, before they reach your devices.

Using custom quarantine and filtering policies, your staff will have greater focus on the emails and tasks that matter. With built-in spooling service, you have added protection and redundancy, allowing access to email even if your on-premises server is down or offline.​


Using an effective patching solution is one of the most effective pro-active steps you can take towards reducing your exposure to online threats. Much of the most damaging malware in history has relied exclusively on systems that were outdated and/or unpatched.

Our Caltec Patch Management service for Windows & Apple provides an effective and efficient solution to keeping all of your systems and applications constantly updated with the latest security patches.

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Caltec RiskView risk intelligence service enables us to quickly and easily perform ongoing risk assessments within your IT environment, calculating the real-time risk of a data breach and assigning a monetary value to it.

Through scans and reporting on the target devices - including the system PCI DSS, Data Breach, Expanded Data Breach, and Security Scans - you gain valuable insight into exactly where you're at risk.

DNS Security


A complete cybersecurity strategy consists of layers. No single solution is 100% effective on its own. Whether you have traditional endpoint or complete firewall protection, a defense-in-depth strategy that includes a DNS firewall is an essential part of your network protection strategy.

To meet this need, we offer Caltec DNS Shield, an advanced malware blocking system backed by a global network of servers, collecting billions of pieces of data on the latest threats. This data science is used to update threat lists and adds over 100,000 new malicious domains every day.

Protect your staff from malicious websites, and the damage they can do to your business.​


It can be vital that you have control of your web security, to avoid users accidentally straying onto malicious sites, or accessing content which may not be permitted in your organization.

Caltec WebProtect delivers web security, web filtering and web bandwidth monitoring anyplace, anytime. Perfect for those laptops that are away from your firewall protection.

We provide you with the reports to gain full visibility of online activity regardless of the location, including websites visited and bandwidth consumed.

CyberSecurity Services


As devices become increasingly interconnected, and the number of threats in the wild exponentially increases, Malware poses one of the largest security threats to every company.

To combat these threats, it is vital to ensure that each endpoint has antivirus protection, not only to protect that specific computer, but also the entire network it connects to.

Using a combination of scanning engines, our Caltec Managed Antivirus solution can be tailored to meet your specific requirements for all of your Windows and Apple computers.

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Risk Intelligence Monetization


​Traditional on-premise backup solutions can be difficult, as someone has to remember to change the tape or swap media. Relying on other cloud-based storage systems isn't the answer, and could make your organization non-compliant or leave you open to other risks.

Our Managed Backup & Recovery Pro and Managed Backup & Recovery Docs cloud-based backup service is the best way to ensure that everything your business relies on is protected and available to you anytime, anywhere. Relax, knowing that you can easily recover from any disaster.